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Market Philippines’ biggest cosmetic brand motives® celebrates its continual success in the Philippines through a series of Application Sessions spearheaded by Market America Certified Motives Trainer, Jenny de Castro.  The event was held at Market Philippines Training Hall and at the Raintree Mall, Cebu City last September 3 and 9 respectively.  Gracing the events was Country Manager, Liz Tanchuco; and Sales Director, Kitt Diestro.

Certified Motives Trainer, Jenny de Castro starting off the session

Certified Motives Trainer, Jenny de Castro starting off the session

A total of 130 tickets were sold out prior to the event.  Attendees were a mix of business partners and guests.  These cosmetic lovers were treated with a special package of motives® products which were given free as part of their tools for the session.

Jenny walked through the products from Skintelligence™ to motives ®.

And helping her out in the session were make-up artist friends and junior business partners.  She shared the different types of make-up wear for different occasions for different type of women.

Capping the event was a presentation on how motives® can be a lucrative retailing business for all.  Jenny further moved audience into looking into the residual income by establishing distribution channels with the UnFranchise® System.

Motives lovers at Market Philippines

Motives lovers at Market Philippines

And Motives movers in Cebu City

And Motives movers in Cebu City

Truly a success for motives® and Market Philippines!

For more information, please contact us at 02-9021588 or visit our site at

Market Philippines recently hosted a local seminar in Asian Institute of Management attended by almost 100 lead distributors and the corporate team with Market America Field Vice President Yardley Wang as guest speaker.

 Yardley for Blog

Yardley for Blog2

Having delivered in his most animated style of speaking, Yardley was very precise in his words on successfully building the UnFranchise®  The importance of having a positive attitude and right knowledge about the business; setting a goal and going for it; educating people would lead to selling and continually looking for the right business partners.

After the fun-filled educating day, Market Philippines distributors left carrying one challenge that Yardley called out…  “It’s now time to act and take the next step!”

Yardley Wang

Market Philippines eagerly awaits the upcoming visit of Mr.  Yardley Wang with a  full packed  schedule  from July 12-23,2011 .  Activities will be done at the Corporate office, Quezon City and Bulacan.   We encourage all to see our announcements posted in Bulletin Boards, emails; and achieve the Special Challenge that we have launched to help  put to speed  your organization build up.  Challenge duration is from June 8-July 12, 2011.  Simply focus on the result producing activities by personally purchasing 400 Business Volume, online registration of 10 preferred customers, sell/buy 3 event tickets, show the business plan 8x and listen at least to 12 training audios .  Achievement of all these requirements will entitle to our Dream Team: The Next Step recognition and a Special Coring Session with Mr Yardley Wang!   

Come and visit our site at or call 02-9021588 for ticket inquiries.

Motives® by Loren Ridinger is a premium cosmetic brand offering innovative hues and high-quality formulas. These fabulous products are available through Market Philippines’ UnFranchise owners who have found creative ways to showcase products in many efficient ways.

BAZAARS are everywhere nowadays. Due to holiday season, Filipinos traditionally visit bazaars to shop for gifts. Market Philippines distributors went to Nuvo City, Libis last December 3, 2010 to spread love, joy and cheers as through Motives® to Quezon City residents. We all love to shop and be beautiful, so shoppers from Green Meadows, Eastwood and Acropolis Residence flocked to see the make-up demo as they enjoyed makeover. Everyone enjoyed the complete Motives® product line, Skin Care and Health and Nutrition products that we showcased.

EXHIBITS also serve as channel of advertisement for our products. Recently, Motives® had a booth exhibit in an Annual Convention of Engineers at the SMX Mall of Asia, Pasay City last November 24-27, 2010. Free make-up and makeover  was rendered to all ladies as our Market Philippines’® distributors set up a booth for Motives® during the 4-day convention. The event increased the product awareness of our company, especially Motives® as we introduced our cosmetics line to this event. The ladies were delighted to see the transformation from a simple every day wear of make-up to contouring and dramatic look of night make-up.

MAKE-UP WORKSHOP/CLASS is one of the simplest ways to promote our products. We have a distributor who is a professional make-up artist who invited her very close friends to a simple gathering. While discussing her basic tips on how to apply make-up she is actually performing it to one of the participants as her model. There was a portion that each product was highlighted with its distinctiveness. Our participants don’t just sit and bore themselves listening about our theories but in fact they get the chance to experience and use each of our products. Each guest had their own chances to have hands-on application of our make-up ending up having their own masterpieces of their own picturesque faces. Simple crowd with simple wants. Indeed, it was one of the best ways to promote our products.

PARTIES are one of the famous events that Filipinos are known of having for. That is why last October we just had Motives® make-up party at our main office in Makati.  The event inspired other distributors to have their own Motives® parties in their very own places. The most current party was held in Makati, December 11, 2010. Invited make-up artists performed their expertise as they simultaneously shade up the guests’ faces using our Motives® products. This event also provided a little talk about out make-up’s uniqueness to share information to the first time users of Motives® that run interaction between the guests as they exchanged thoughts upon experiencing this superb line of products. A ramp show and photo shoot wrapped up the party as each guests turned into wonderful goddesses display their new looks!

These events rapidly entices the attention of each Filipino especially women who are very conscious in taking care of their skin to be attractive and look younger. The best part is when we show “the look” that they want, as well as offer these materials that they need on how to get this look. At the end of the day, we have made masterpieces of beauty and at the same time we have a retail sale for the products that the customers bought for themselves. Truly that we are expanding and Motives® has been prominently accepted in the Philippines specially Filipino women. Latter of the day, these guests showed interests in actually doing the business and signs up as new distributors and personal customers.

Selling and retailing has never been this fun! It’s like shooting two birds in one stone. We get to showcase our products, sell make-up, retail items, and at the same time have fun and be beautiful all day! So have your own Motives® event!

Click here to learn more about Motives by Loren Ridinger® cosmetics. Learn and earn now!

The Christmas season is a time to enjoy the company of family and friends. Gift-giving,spending and reuniting with your friends and loved ones give meaning to Christmas. The holiday season is also the time for parties and get-together. Christmas is considered one of the happiest time of the year unfortunately, it can also put a strain to your health.

Staying healthy during the holidays does not require nearly as much effort as you may have come to believe. The key is to enjoy new and different foods in small portions. It is okay to try new foods but limit portion sizes. Always put vegetables first on your plate when going around the buffet table. Pick up a local fruit in season for dessert rather than getting generous slice of rich chocolate cake or a scoop of creamy ice cream. Then opt to drink water than soda, shakes or juices. Water will help replenish the fluids that you lost in drinking beer or alcohol.

Lastly, always remember to take Isotonix® Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics after a heavy meal. Market Philippines’ exclusive digestive health formula contains key and specialty digestive enzymes to support a complete digestive process for better nutrional absorption. One serving will not only provide these important digestive enzymes but will also provide 150 million lactobacillus sporogenes. These friendly bacteria or probiotics are important for maintaining a healthy intestinal tract. And since this product is in isotonic from, it allows for fast absorption and effective delivery of these nutritional supplements in our body.

Being healthy means you will have more energy to enjoy the holidays! So, follow the helpful hints and order a bottle of Isotonix® Digestive Enzymes now! Check this amazing product at or visit Market Philippines at 15/f Philamlife Tower 8767 Paseo de Roxas Makati City. For inquiries, please call our Customer Hotline at 902-1588.

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